Little blue and white house sculpture handmade from recycled cardboard boxes

Each sculpture is unique in shape, appearance and character. The interior is also painted white as at home I fill my little houses with battery-powered fairy lights so that the windows glow with golden or red light on winter evenings.

The houses are completely solid once all the layers of glue and paint are dry - they feel like they are made from wood but are light, not heavy to hold. They are robust and do not tend to break if dropped.

Artists’ quality acrylic paint on  houses so they are colour fade resistant and water resistant, but please protect them from moisture and extremes of heat temperature. They are not weatherproof and are intended for indoor use only. If the roof tiles collect a little dust, a dry paintbrush can be used to clean them.

houses are not toys and are therefore not intended for children

Approximate Size: 6 x 6 cm base, 18cm height from base to top of chimney

Little blue and white handcrafted cardboard houses


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