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Help your dogs stay clean and shiney coated with this new plastic free pet shampoo!


These vegan 95g bars contain no plastics, palm oil, detergents (including SLS) artificial fragrances, colourings or artificial additives.


Carrot seed oil - Traditionally used to calm and sooth sensitive skin and has  anti-inflammatory properties, with moderate antibacterial effects.

Cedarwood Oil - Soothing for sensitive, dandruff prone skin, with a calming, gentle aroma


To use, simply rub a small amount of the pet shampoo into damp hands or a flannel/mitt and massage into wet fur. Alternatively, rub directly onto damp fur. Rinse off with plenty of clean water.


Please be very careful to avoid your pet's eyes.  


Tested on humans before deemed suitable for animals!

Pet Shampoo Bar - Cedarwood and Carrot Seed Oil

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