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Scottish Mini Bars

Our Scottish Collection chocolate bars - in miniature! Perfect for dinner parties, celebrations and especially Burns Supper! 

Available in our three most popular flavours:

Cranachan with Whisky, Raspberries & Oats

Isle of Skye Sea Salted Caramel

Dark Chocolate with Scotch Whisky

These adorable miniature versions still pack the punch of the larger bars but their pocket-sized presentation makes them idea for dinner parties and giveaways at events. They make for the perfect Scottish chocolate gift to say thanks or to dress a Scottish themed event dinner table.

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By buying our chocolate you're supporting a small independent Uk business and it is much appreciated! Our artisan chocolate is handmade in-house by the Quirky chocolatiers who are constantly striving for perfection with every square. We are proud to use 'Cocoa Horizons' sustainably-sourced chocolate and our bars are sustainably wrapped in plastic-free packaging.

Scottish mini bar chocolate

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