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6 different plant oils and natural botanicals in this nourishing bar combine to create a conditioner bar experience unlike any I've experienced before. Using this bar feels like using one of those thick, potted, expensive conditioners but with the feel-good factor of being a much more ethical choice.


If you're already hooked on the shampoo bars, you will love this. It smells so good!


Sold on behalf of Venus in Stars


This chunky solid conditioner is quick and easy to use, washes out easily, and leaves your hair feeling soft, shiny, and nourished. Just wet the bar and rub one side against the palm of your hand until some conditioner is released, then either work your hand through your hair. Or do as Carolyn does and rub the bar directly onto your hair using downward strokes. Use it on the bottom half of your hair only to make the bar last longer!


Use after Venus in Stars shampoo bars for a perfect plastic-free hair routine!


None of our haircare bars use harsh chemicals, nor do they contain SLS, silicone, or palm oil.


You can store your conditioner in a soap dish or bag, just make sure it's not too hot.


Venus in Stars products are all handmade in the UK by small, ethical producers, and are all vegan and cruelty-free.


These generous 140g bars are wrapped by hand in eco-friendly wrapping before being sent to you in recycled and recyclable packaging. We offer high quality at a reasonable price as treating your body kindly needn't cost the earth.

Tea Tree, Lime and Spearmint Conditioner Bar

SKU: 1481373527
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