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Mother's Day - Sunday the 10th of March 2024

Updated: Feb 28

Celebrate your mother's special day with a touch of handcrafted elegance. Our curated selection of Mother's Day gifts will leave a lasting impression on the woman who means the world to you. From the delicate artistry of Hazey Designs' handmade silver jewelry to the enchanting allure of Sienna Glass' hand-blown spirit balls, these gifts exude a sense of personal touch and thoughtful consideration.

Hazey Designs offers a stunning array of sterling silver pieces, such as the hammered Sterling Silver intertwined circles bracelet and the Sterling Silver And Filled Gold Disc Earrings, which boast beautiful quality and inspired design

Each piece is lovingly crafted, ensuring that your gift is as unique as the mother figure in your life. The Mixed Metals Pebble Earrings, in particular, make for a captivating gift choice, blending different metals to create a piece that's both versatile and striking.

Sienna Glass complements this collection with their beautifully crafted glass hearts, each one a testament to the skill of eastern European craftsmen. These glass ornaments come in various colors and are presented in elegant gift boxes, making for a visually stunning and heartfelt offering.

Add a distinctive touch to your Mother's Day gift with knittykittybangbang's Mother's Day boxed studs. This unique offering allows you to present a pair of charming stud earrings in a printed gift box, adding a personal flair to your present.

No Mother's Day would be complete without a card to express your love and gratitude. Zoe Spry offers a delightful range of contemporary Mother's Day cards that are sure to bring a smile to her face. From heartfelt first Mother's Day cards to fun and quirky designs, Zoe Spry has something to suit every mom's taste (Zoe Spry).

Make this Mother's Day unforgettable with a selection of handcrafted treasures that reflect just how much she means to you. Whether it's jewellery from Hazey Designs, a beautiful glass globe or heart from Sienna Glass, a pair of Knittykittybangbang's boxed studs and a Zoe Spry card. Each of these choices promises to convey your deepest affections in the most beautiful of ways.

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